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Have you ever looked at your life and your patterns and said to yourself, “Why do I do that?

Why can’t I just ……
Get out of this toxic job
Stop yelling at my kids
Do the work and get the clients
Lose the weight
Stop sabotaging everything good that comes my way.


Here is your answer…

96% of everything we do is controlled by the unconscious mind!
That means that we are only operating at 4% of our conscious thinking brain.


The unconscious or subconscious mind is where ALL of our parental, societal, environmental, educational programming is as well as our emotions and beliefs.
Everything that we do is based on our programming and beliefs.


And most of our belief systems were created by the time we were 7 years old!
Belief systems like:
Relationships aren’t safe
Everyone will eventually abandon me
I am unlovable
I am fat, stupid, lazy, a failure…
I am unworthy
I deserve to be punished.

Everything we do in life will pattern itself to prove these belief systems true because the subconscious mind must always be right or it is not safe.


It is time to change your story and start playing by your own playbook!


Everything you have been through has led you to right here and right now.


Will you say yes to healing and learning to love ALL parts of yourself?

I spent years trying to "fix" me.

I was never broken and neither are you. No one has ever taught us how to truly heal, and how the brain works for us.

I have chosen to make it my purpose and passion in life to help the healers and the caretakers find their own healing and restoration..


  •  Healing every part of yourself so you KNOW and LOVE who you really are, without credentials, labels or the world's definition of who you should be.


  • Healing that gives you TRUE FREEDOM to be able to stand in your truth.. that gives you choices and to actually KNOW that you deserve it!


  • Healing that allows you to live life without self-sabotage and destructive patterns and instead, live a life with flow and peace in alignment with your highest values.


  • Healing that provides emotional availability so you are no longer reacting to life and the emotions of those around you. That gives you the power to go from full panic to absolute peace and calm in minutes.


  • Healing that breaks the chains of all the programming from the world you are operating from, allowing you to no longer live under the lies and manipulation but freedom in living life by YOUR OWN PLAYBOOK.


There is so much freedom in this healing! The results are absolute transformation in every area of your life. You deserve this! You are worthy of this! God put you on this earth to carry out the amazing gifts he gave you! This healing restores you to be able to operate fully in your gifts, your passion and your purpose.


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Check out this video...

What is Trauma & How do we Stop the Patterns of Self Sabotage...


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Client Testimonials...

True Alignment is one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. It is the ‘get to the
root cause’ healing I have been searching for. My name is Louise Berens. I am a professional
musician, wife, mother of two, home health caregiver, entrepreneur and a healer in the
acupressure tradition.
Before this program, I was working a lot and taking good care of everyone else in my family, but
not really taking great care of myself. I was totally burnt out. I carried a lot of physical and
emotional pain. I was easily upset or triggered, not sleeping well, and had ‘writer’s block.’ I knew
I needed healing from the past trauma that I held in my body and soul.

But, I also knew that I wanted to approach the therapy in a way that would work (and not re-
traumatize me!) I am so thankful that I found Natalie.

The first gratitude meditation that I did with Natalie was on a podcast called ‘Shift Change.’ I
was in a pretty bad place at the time. It helped me feel better right away. I knew that this could
work for me, so I joined the group.
Through this whole process, I feel a sense of safety and support from Natalie and from the
weekly, support group chats. I set the pace and I like doing this work from the comfort of my
home. I am healing and it shows.
I am calmer, I sleep better and my relationships are better. I have included my husband on my
healing journey, sharing things that I learn along the way...and we are closer because of it.
My optimism has returned and my creativity is flowing again. I am learning how to set healthy
boundaries. Releasing the old pain, in a safe way, has opened up energy for productivity and
clarity in my daily life. The shifts and awareness happen in a fun way, like an unfolding

I highly recommend Natalie Jordy and the True Alignment Academy!



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