Since I was 20 years old, I've been a  Registered Nurse in the critical care and trauma units.

I stepped away from bedside to start my own business.  I left what I thought was the core of all my problems. Life did improve, but only enough for me to not hate my life. I was to the point where I didn’t care if I lived or died. I wasn’t suicidal but I had no joy in my life. I felt despair and I felt stuck. I felt like the life I had desired for so long was right in front of me, but a brick wall was blocking me from it. So day after day, I would bang my head against this wall getting nowhere.

I struggled with burnout, depression,  PTSD and anxiety. I sought after anything and everything to make my life feel whole and happy. None of it worked. 

Then, I got my own healing. 

There are no words to express the change that happened. I guess the best way to describe it is a total rebirth and restoration of who God created me to be. I am mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually a completely different person now. It’s like opening my eyes and ears for the first time. I see and hear everything differently.

My relationships are no longer based on fear of losing the person or making sure I shove them away before they can hurt me. I now see that everything was about safety, and who I could feel safe with. Through the trauma healing method, I have learned to create my own safe space. So the fortress came down and in its place I am starting to create boundaries. I had an absolute truth before- that I was unworthy- and now I KNOW down to my bones that I am worthy. This allows me to stand up for myself and maintain those boundaries.

Above all else, I have learned to love myself for exactly who I am and trust myself.

It my deepest passion and life calling to help others find their own healing. Through the trauma healing method we use in True Alignment Academy, we help people heal AND give them the tools to heal themselves for the rest of their life. Complete transformation, changing the trajectory of their life forever.